Move your view of the island around with the W A S D keys and keep track of all your devoted worshipers.

Left Click a tribe member to pick them up and drag them. Show them wrath, or virtue.

1 through 6 will place natural obstacles to keep the warring tribes away from each other.

Pressing M will return to the divine menu.

Pressing R will restart the level, should your will command it.


One day, as I had done millions of times prior, I created a tiny little world. I, Mighty, being as generous as I am powerful, elected to create a happy people to inhabit my world. However, as time passed, they split into various savage tribes. Ignoring my teachings, they instead prayed for trivial concerns and ill will to their neighbors as they fought an endless and pointless struggle to wipe each other from existence.

At first it was amusing, but eventually I had to act or my genius creation would destroy itself. Fueled by their offerings pillaged from their wars, I used my power for placing trees, raising mountains, even reaching down to physically drag them apart. I vowed to keep them apart at all costs until they could evolve to reach the enlightenment I had envisioned for them.

I, Omnipotent Mighty, will not accept failure.

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